This is always the hardest part for me... putting words on paper and trying to express my vision.

I could tell you about my education, or how my grandparents bought me my first camera when i was 13. Or how i loved spending every spare minute in the darkroom, learning more about photography every summer. I could share my favorite things or that I left a career in the fashion world to pursue photography, my passion, full time.

But that isn't what matters most when hiring a photographer.

This two men changed my life and made me see and feel things differently.

images by Tiffany Farley

They made me realize what matters and what I want my son to see of his childhood.

I want you to look at your photographs and remember exactly what made you smile like that. As your photographer, i will capture the details of your world, as it is today and present the beautiful story that is your life.

I believe in extraordinarily ordinary moments

that life happens in the in between

and that belly laughs are more fun than cheese smiles

I believe the best captured moments bring the feeling right back.